Bone conduction headphone is the transmission of sound by means of a certain medium (the skull of the head), and finally the sound is directly transmitted to the auditory nerve in the form of sound waves. The loss rate of sound in bone conduction is much lower than air conduction. 

Bone conduction is a way of sound conduction, which converts sound into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies, and transmits sound waves through the human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymph, spiral organs, and auditory center. Earphones made with these bone conduction technologies are called bone conduction earphones.

Main Features of Bone Conduction Headphone

1. the headphone, which solves the discomfort of wearing earphones.

2. Bone conduction earphones are very suitable for exercise, avoiding a series of hygiene and health problems caused by sweating in the ears when wearing earphones for exercise.

3. With both ears opening , you can notice changes in the surrounding environment while using the headset, making it safer to use.

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